"Extracts from the letter Dated November 5, 2003, received from Ms Jane E Schukoske,
Executive Director, USEFI, India"

Prof. Dayananand Dongaonkar,
Secretary General,
Association of Indian Universities AIU House,
16, Kotla Marg,
New Delhi 110 002

Dear Prof. Dongaonkar,

I bring to your attend the enclosed letter dated October 7, 2003 from Mr. Jeffrey E Brunton, Staff Attorney, State of Hawaii, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Office of Consumer Protection. It describes a law suit " "State of Hawaii v Kiensignton University, Inc. Civil No.03-1-1545-07 EEH" against Kensington University, an unaccredited degree granting institution which reportedly has affiliated selling diplomas in India. The legal complaint is also enclosed for your reference
The State of Hawaii has sued "Kensignton University, Inc" (KU), an unaccredited degree granting institution incorporated in Hawaii, for violation of its consumer protection laws since they took effect in 1999. Specifically, it alleges that KU failed to disclose that it is not accredited, failed to maintain an office in Hawaii, misrepresented the fact that it is not licensed, failed to have 25 students enrolled, and illegally accepted tuition payments. The State seeks injunctive relief, civil penalties, actual damages, plus interest, and attorneys' fees for plaintiff worldwide.
For a form to lodge complaint against Kensington University, Indian students may visit the website of the State of Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection at www.state.hi./dcca/ocp/forms.html

Thank for your attention to this matter,

Best Wishes,
Sincerely, Jane E Schukoske
Executive Director "