AIU House,16 Comrade Indrajit Gupta Marg (Kotla Marg),
Landmark: Opposite National Bal Bhawan, Near I.T.O.,
New Delhi -110002 , INDIA
Ph: 91-11-23230059; 23232429; 23232305
Fax : 91-11- 23232131

* Direct call to any of the following officials may be made by dialing any EPBAX No given above,
and then extension no of concerned person (As per instrunction given in IVRS).

Name Designation Division Type Email Ext.
Prof. Furqan Qamar Secretary General SG Office REGULAR 203
Shri Sampson David Joint Secretary (Youth Affairs) Youth Affairs REGULAR 207
Dr. Gurdeep Singh Joint Secretary (Sports) Sports REGULAR
Dr. Piyush Kumar Patanjali Joint Secretary (Admn) Admin REGULAR 229
Dr. Baljit Singh Sekhon Joint Secretary (Finance) Finance REGULAR
Dr. Alok Kumar Mishra Joint Secretary (Evaluation) Evaluation, Meetings(I/c) REGULAR
Mrs. Ranjana Parihar Deputy Secy.(Finance) Finance, Publication & Sales(I/c) REGULAR
Dr. Amarendra Pani Deputy Director (Res) Research REGULAR
Dr Youd Vir Singh Assistant Librarian Library REGULAR
Shri Kuldeep Dagar Deputy Secretary(Admn) Admin REGULAR
Dr S Rama Devi Pani Assistant Director(Res), Editor(University News) Library, Research & University News REGULAR
Dr. Veena Bhalla Consultant Student Info Services(I/c) CONTRACTUAL
Shri Shivam Dixit Software Engineer Admin REGULAR
Dr. Usha Rai Negi Assistant Director (Res) Research REGULAR
Shri Sambhav Srivastav Section Officer(EV) Evaluation REGULAR
Shri N C Nath Section Officer Publication & Sales REGULAR
Smt. S.K. Dua Section Officer Publication & Sales REGULAR
Smt. Sridevi S Nair Section Officer SG Office REGULAR
Smt. Anjali Nagpal Section Officer Finance REGULAR
Mrs. Poonam Mahajan Sr. P.A Youth Affairs REGULAR
Dr Sandeep Sr. R.A Research REGULAR
Smt Veena Chawla Assistant Library REGULAR
Shri Bharat Pathak Sr.DPA Student Info Services REGULAR
Shri M K Chawla Stenographer Evaluation REGULAR
Smt. Neelam Arora Assistant Research REGULAR
Shri Surender Singh Assistant Publication & Sales REGULAR
Shri Satya Prakash Technical Supervisor (Elect.) Admin REGULAR
Smt. Manju Kalia Assistant Finance REGULAR
Smt. Harjinder Kaur Assistant Evaluation REGULAR
Smt. Suman Gandhi Assistant Admin REGULAR
Sh.Manish Ahuja Storekeeper Admin REGULAR
Shri Nishant Gopal UDC Admin REGULAR
Shri Amar Dev UDC Admin REGULAR
Ms. Sneh Lata Sr. DTP Operator Publication & Sales REGULAR
Shri Soban Singh Staff Car Driver Admin REGULAR
Shri Shambhu Dutt UDC Publication & Sales REGULAR
Shri Balwan Singh UDC Library REGULAR
Shri Bahadur Singh LDC Finance REGULAR
Shri Vasudevan Swami LDC Sports REGULAR
Shri Sudhir Kumar LDC Evaluation REGULAR
Shri G D Sharma, LDC SG Office REGULAR
Shri Parmanand Maurya LDC Admin REGULAR
Shri Gopal Dutt LDC Research REGULAR
Shri Bihari Lal Sub Manager Admin REGULAR
Shri Babulal Mali Admin REGULAR
Shri Suresh LDC Admin REGULAR
Shri Tribhuwan Singh Rawat LDC Admin REGULAR
Shri Pradeep Kumar Consultant (Meetings) Meetings CONTRACTUAL
Shri M.N. Bhaskar, Consultant Finance CONTRACTUAL
Mrs. Neena Suri Consultant Finance CONTRACTUAL
Smt. Neelam Chitkara Consultant Evaluation CONTRACTUAL
Shri Sassi T.A. LDC (contract) Admin CONTRACTUAL
Shri Babu Lal Yadav UDC (contract) Admin CONTRACTUAL
Dr.Yogita Thakur Fellow/Trainee Library CONTRACTUAL
Mrs Rajinder Kaur Trainee (Library Asstt) Library CONTRACTUAL
Shri Ankur Gupta Trainee (Assistant) Evaluation CONTRACTUAL
Smt Sheetal Kapoor Trainee (Assistant) Student Info Services CONTRACTUAL
Ms. Deepa Bhaskaran Research Fellow Research CONTRACTUAL
Shri Gaurav Rai Trainee (Assistant) Sports CONTRACTUAL
Mrs. Sarita Rawat DEO Student Info Services CONTRACTUAL
Shri Mukesh Kumar MTS Admin CONTRACTUAL
Shri Riyaz Hussain MTS Admin CONTRACTUAL
Shri Bhubnesh Chandra MTS Admin CONTRACTUAL
Shri Ashok Kumar MTS Student Info Services CONTRACTUAL
Shri Jitender Kumar MTS Admin CONTRACTUAL
Shri Titu Bhati MTS Admin CONTRACTUAL
Shri Deepak Nishant MTS Youth Affairs CONTRACTUAL
Shri Vishal Pathak MTS SG Office CONTRACTUAL
Shri Tek Chand Sharma MTS Admin CONTRACTUAL
Shri Raj Kumar Driver SG Office CONTRACTUAL
Shri Ramchandra Maurya Mali (Part-time) Admin CONTRACTUAL