AIU Youth Affairs Division organizes youth programmes, which are dedicated to Human Development, Personality Development, Active Citizenship, Building Youth Leadership, National Character, Human and Cultural Values. The activities also provide the youth an opportunity for a healthy interaction thereby instilling in them an awareness of our historical and cultural heritage. A few of important activities are : (a) Inter-University Youth Festivals (AIU UNIFESTS) (b) South Asian Universities Youth Festival (SAUFEST) (c) Inter-University National Qawwali Competition (d) Youth Leadership Camps (e) Yoga Camps (f) Awareness Campaigns (e.g. HIV/AIDS, Communal Harmony, National Integration) (g) DSWs & Cultural Coordinators Seminar (h) NSS Workshops (i) Seminars (j) Literary Contests (k) Indian Students Parliament (l) Home Stay Exchange (m) Indian Student Parliament (n) Fine Arts Youth Exhibition, etc.

Inter -Varsity Youth Festivals (UNIFESTS) are organized annually to showcase the latent talents of selected university youth artistes. The Event is conducted at Five Zonal and One National level annually through financial assistance from the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, GoI; comprising 25 cultural and literary competitions. As a prelude to AIU UNIFESTS, prospective participants are screened from the Inter-College Youth Festivals which are organized by respective universities on the pattern of AIU UNIFESTS. The process runs from August to February yearly. The UNIFESTS are regarded as the most thrilling, popular and an eagerly awaited annual youth activity for the university youth.

The South Asian Universities Youth Festival (SAUFEST) is a noble concept of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) ensuing from a goal to promote active collaboration and mutual understanding amongst the South Asian countries in educational, social, cultural and economic fields. The idea of organizing SAUFEST was initiated by the AIU to encourage the future generations of youth from the South Asian Countries to come on common platform for sharing views, experiences, innovations and common ideas so that a common agenda in taking the future regional challenges can be taken up.

From time to time selected university youth of AIU Youth Programmes are considered by the Ministry to send abroad under International Youth Exchange Programmes Exchange.

A fraternity of the youth artistes has been formed through organization of AIU youth programs during the past several years which has been playing an invisible role in bringing about cultural, emotional and National integration through a process of cultural exchange amongst students from diverse regions and backgrounds thereby promoting in our youth, a pride for Indian culture, linguistic diversities and an awareness of national identity. They are also a medium of inculcating in the younger generation a spirit of unity, fraternity, peace, harmony and leadership qualities.




Zone University Dates Brochure Results
South Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidylayam, Tirupati October 07-11, 2018 Brochure Result
East L N Mithila University, Bihar January 03-07, 2019
West Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune December 19-23, 2018
North Panjab University, Chandigarh December 27-31, 2018 Brochure   LINK
Central Sambalpur University, Odisha January 07-11, 2019
National Chandigarh University, Chandigarh Feb 01-05, 2019



AIU Inter University National Seminar on 24-25 August 2018 at Lovely Professional University, Punjab



Travel Profoma
Mr. Manish Kumar Jangra
Assistant Director Youth Welfare
Chandigarh University
Gharuan, The Kharar
Dist Mohali 140 301 Pb
Mb: 08146651650, 09417887382
Shri Sampson David
Joint Secretary
Association of Indian Universities
AIU House, 16,
Comrade Indrajit Gupta Marg (Kotla Marg)
New Delhi - 110002

(Cultural Coordinators are requested to inform of any chage in name/contact details etc to Shri Sampson David, JS, AIU at
E.mail: immediately)



SNo. Items Participants Accompanists No. P+A Min. Time (Minutes) Max. Time (Minutes)
1 Music
(a) Classical Vocal Solo (Hindustani or Karnatak) 1 2 3 8 10 mts
(b)Classical Instrumental Solo (Percussion) 1 2 3 8 10 mts
(c)Classical Instrumental Solo (Non-Percussion) 1 2 3 8 10 mts
(d) Light Vocal (Indian)* 1 2 3 4 6 mts
(e) Western Vocal (Solo)* 1 2 3 4 6 mts
(f) Group Song (Indian) 6 3 9 8 10 mts
(g) Group Song (Western) 6 3 9 8 10 mts
(h) Folk Orchestra 9 3 12 8 10 mts
(i) Western Instrumental (Solo) 1 2 3 6 8 mts
2 Dance
(a) Folk / Tribal Dance 10 5 15 8 10 mts
(b) Classical Dance 1 3 4 12 15 mts
3 Literary Events
(a) Quiz 3 - 3 - -
(b) Elocution* 1 - 1 4 5 mts
(c) Debate* 2 - 2 4 5 mts
4 Theatre
(a) One Act Play 9 3 12 25 30 mts
(b) Skits 6 3 9 8 10 mts
(c) Mime 6 2 8 4 5 mts
(d) Mimicry* 1 - 1 4 5 mts
5 Fine Arts
(a) On the Spot Painting 1 - 1 2 Hrs 2 ½ Hrs
(b) Collage 1 - 1 2 Hrs 2 ½ Hrs
(c) Poster Making 1 - 1 2 Hrs 2 ½ Hrs
(d) Clay Modeling 1 - 1 2 Hrs 2 ½ Hrs
(e) Cartooning 1 - 1 2 Hrs 2 ½ Hrs
(f) Rangoli 1 - 1 2 Hrs 2 ½ Hrs
(g) Spot Photography 1 - 1 2 Hrs 2 ½ Hrs
(h) Installation 4 - 4 2 Hrs 2 ½ Hrs
(i) Mehandi 1 1 2 2 Hrs 2 ½ Hrs
Please note that Five Events which have been Star Marked (*) above shall get 15 seconds Grace Time after the completion of the Maximum Time Limit. However, for all other Events the Grace Time Limit shall be 30 Seconds.

For Classical Vocal Solo, Classical Instrumental Solo (Percussion) & Classical Instrumental Solo (Non-Percussion) at Nationals, the minimum & maximum time limit shall be 12 mts. & 15 mts.

Debate & Elocution – At Nationals the Minimum and Maximum Time Limit shall be 7 mts & 10 mts.

All Cultural Coordinators are requested to send their E-mail IDs at

Rules and regulation

1. Music

2. Dance





Association of Indian Universities


1. Only bonafide, full time student, who is enrolled for a degree or post graduate degree or diploma course which is of a minimum duration of one academic year and whose examination is conducted by the University subsequent to passing the 12th class examination.

1.1 Students of open Universities shall be considered to be bonafide students and shall be eligible to participate provided they fulfill other condition. However students enrolled in correspondence course in Institute / Centres of Universities casual students external students and students pursuing bridge course shall not be eligible.

2. All students for participating in the Inter University Youth Cultural Activities shall fulfill the following conditions:

a. Not more than 7 years have elapsed since a student passed the examination qualifying him/her for first admission to a degree or diploma course of a University of college affiliated to a University.

b. Only students, who are less than 25 years of age can participate.

c. Further, students can participate for one year more than the normal length of the academic programme which he / she is following.

3. A student employed on full time basis shall not be eligible to participate.

4. A student shall not be allowed to represent more than one University during a single academic year.

5. Provisional admission to a course of a University or college shall not make the student eligible to represent the University in the Inter University Youth Cultural Activities.

6. In case of a student migrating from one University to another his / her migration case will be considered eligible only after his / her admission in the new University is regularized and he/she is admitted as a bonafide student by the new University.


1. For the purpose of computing years of eligibility one year will cover means the academic year in which the cultural activity is held irrespective of whether the students result is declared or not. It will normally be extended from June / July of one year to 12 calendar months to the next year.

2. The restriction of participation in Inter University Youth Cultural Activities to a period of one year more than the length/ duration of academic course means that he students pursuing a three year degree programme ( i.e B.A, B.Sc., B.Com., etc.) can participate for four years, while a student pursuing four year programme ( i.e B.E., B.Tech. etc.) can participate for five years.


1. Any disqualification of a participant on ground of ineligibility will result in the automatic scratching of the contingent for that academic year. The contingent shall also be debarred from participating in the Youth Cultural activities to be held in the following years.

2. A Participant qualified on the grounds of ineligibility shall not be permitted to participate in Inter – University Youth Cultural Activities in the next year.

Strength of Contingent

Strength of Contingent: Maximum 40 per University

Note: Accompanists would preferably be the students, who will be given participation certificates. However, outsiders may be allowed if suitable students are not available. At the most 8, outsider accompanists are allowed, who will be included in the contingent of 40. A student, who has participated in Solo events of the I U National Youth Festival for Four years, would not be permitted to participate in the UNIFESTS.    Participating universities are strongly requested not to bring an extra person. No extra person shall be entertained at any cost.

Contingent Incharge:

Participating University shall send a maximum of two persons as contingent Incharge, who will maintain a liaison with the organizing committee of the host University. Lady contingent leader is essential for girl participants. Officials will be included in the contingent of 40

Identity Card:

Identity Cards with photographs signed by the appropriate authorities by the respective University should be carried by the participants.

University Flags & Trophies:

The contingent leader shall have to deposit his/her two University flags with the host University. Last year winners and runners shall bring the trophies with them.

Travelling Expenses:

The participating University will have to bear the traveling expenses. University may avail of Railway concession from, if they desire, as festivals, are a part of the National Integration camp scheme.


Food shall be provided by the Host University.

Boarding & Lodging :

Free board and lodging would be provided to the participating teams during the Inter Zonal and National Youth Festivals. Participating troupes from the Universities could be housed as guests in students hostels, utilizing common rooms. verandahs, etc..

Festival Committee :

The host University would form various sub-committees to smoothen the conduct of the conduct of the Festival which would function under a standing committee.

The sub-committees may include Reception, Transport, Infrastructure Programme, Publicity, Inaugural/Valedictory. There would also be a control room to control the festival activities.

Clothing :

It is advised that sufficient warm bedding, blankets, woolen clothes, medicines and locks etc. should be brought by the contingent. The participant and officials are advised to get inoculated against cholera and typhoid.

Discipline :

If the behavior of any contingent is found contrary to the objectives of the festivals the host University may take suitable action against members concerned and an individual / team be debarred from participation in the future youth festivals for three years under intimation to AIU.

As far as possible, students shall be involved in the organization and management of the festivals.

No official or any member University shall go to press on any controversial issue. The consumption of liquor, Eve Teasing, influencing the adjudicators, indecent behavior inside the campus and venue is strictly prohibited. Those violating this clause shall be liable to disciplinary action which may be to the extent of debarring the concerned University Team Official from participation in the Inter University Youth Activities for a period as may be determined by the AIU Cultural Committee.

In order to have creativity, the Cultural Contingents are requested to present new Cultural items and not to repeat the same, which they presented in the preceding year.

Stamp Size Photos :

Two stamp photographs of each participant, accompanists and official delegates are required to be sent to the host University in advance.

Other Rules:

1. A cultural Procession/ March past of participating Universities shall be organized on inaugural day before the formal inaugural ceremony. Participating Teams are required to bring their flags/ placards for this event.
2.Participating teams are also advised to bring their Local / Regional Costumes for the purpose of reflecting their culture in cultural Procession/ March past
3.Participating Teams are also required to bring banner of their University.
4.Participating Universities are informed that the use of fireworks/ arms is strictly prohibited. However, if it is unavoidable for cultural performance, their imitation may be used with the prior permission of the organizing committee.
5.Recorded music/ audio cassettes are not permitted during the Folk/ Tribal, Creative Dance and Classical dance.
6.A sum of Rs.1000/- refundable caution money shall be deposited by each team at the time of Registration. The cost of any loss of stores/ damage to the property issued but not returned shall be deducted out of it

For further queries please mail at