Keeping in view, one of the main objectives to act service agency and a Bureau of Information, the Association has established a Library and Documentation Division in 1964. It provides its services to students/researchers/faculty members of Higher Education as Reference Library and Resource Centre and acts as a knowledge base on higher education. The Division has a very rich library of international and Indian books and journals on higher education. There are more than 21,000 documents and 150 current periodicals available in the Library. The Library is particularly rich in its collection of reports different commission/committee established by the federal Government/UGC from time to time and other government policy documents. The annual reports, calendars, handbooks and Act and Statutes of various universities and Judgments of Hon’ble Supreme Court on higher education and Volumes of Journals of University News since 1963 till date, are available in the Library. On request, the Division supplies information on subject bibliographies and selective information on higher education system. The Library and Documentation Division renders various services to its stake holders like: (a) Circulation (b) Reference (c) Press clipping (d) Bibliographic (e) Reprographic (f) Selective information dissemination (g) Indexing for University News

After an interval, the Division also brings out the Hand Book on Library and Information Science containing detailed information about the Library and Information Science Courses offered by various Indian Universities and Bibliography on Doctoral Dissertations in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Besides the Division compiles the Doctoral Theses accepted by Indian Universities in the field of Science & Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities under the column “Theses of the Month” published as a regular feature in the University News.

Theses of the Month


The Library brings out the "Handbook on Library and Information Science" containing information about the Library and Information Science courses offered by various Indian Universities. Annual index of the ‘University News’, is also compiled every year.

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