Research Division, one of the most dynamic and vibrant divisions of AIU has carved a niche by making significant academic contribution to the higher education system of the country. Established in 1975 as Research Cell with the financial support from the then Ministry of Education, Government of India, has the mandate of acting as a catalyst in the development of higher education. Having elevated to Research Division in 1993, it subsumed its responsibility of providing an intellectual platform to the community of higher education for debating the issues and policies of emerging concern and providing research based recommendation to government of India for enriching the policy framework on higher education. The Division, which takes care of all the academic activities of AIU, received accolade and recognition through its pioneering research work which includes ‘Unit Cost of Higher Education’; ‘Question Bank’; ‘University-Industry Interaction in Higher Education’, Diminishing Autonomy of Indian Universities, Regulation of Higher Education in India and Abroad, etc. The Division also facilitates the universities through providing expertise on up-to-date developments in the field of advance teaching and research and on experiments in the management and organization of higher education both in India and abroad. The academic activities of the Division are conducted with the objective of creating a solid theoretical and empirical foundation for policy-making and national reconstruction. The Division organizes a number of academic activities for promoting the cause of higher education. The regular academic activities of the Division include; (a) Research Projects (b) Capacity Building Programmes such as Workshop /Seminar (c) ANVESHAN – Student Research Convention (d) Vice Chancellor’s Roundtable Conferences (e) Data-base activities (f) Publications

Research Projects: The Division conducts research studies on the various emerging issues related to different aspect of higher education for having a clear and broader picture so that a pragmatic and research based inputs could be provided to the policy-making bodies/agencies to prepare the broader policy framework. So far, the innumerable innovative research projects conducted by the Division received input from the academia and intellectuals across the country, which are compiled, collated, analyzed and accordingly recommended for policy formulation. The Research Division conducts short-term Research Projects in-house and the long term projects are conducted in collaboration with some of the member institutions of AIU. Another innovative initiative of AIU – ‘Question Bank Project’ has been proposed by the Division for reviving.

The Division has ininitiated a series of Training and Awareness related activities for smooth implementation of RUSA, an ambitious scheme of Government of India for improving quality by strengthening the state universities. The Division aims at providing required impetus to the scheme for realizing its objectives.

Capacity Building Programmes - Workshop/Seminar

Research Methodology : Research Methodology Workshops are organized to train the budding researchers to pick up the right kind of research problem and equipping them with necessary skills of conducting quality research. Another important objective is to inculcate an intensive research culture in institutions of Higher Learning and strengthen the foundation of research. The Workshop intends to provide an opportunity to the research scholars, young faculty members engaged in research and allied activities to upgrade their knowledge on research methodology and enrich their skills.

Management of University Administration : With the expansion of higher education system in terms of number of institutions, emergence of micro disciplines and a subsequent raise in student population, the management of university administration has become complex as well as most challenging task. The Workshops on Management of University Administration are organized for senior administrative officers of the universities and colleges for effective managing the university administration in a changed scenario. The participants of the workshop are Registrar, Finance Officer, Controller of Examinations and Admissions, Deputy Registrar and Assistant Registrars, Deputy Finance Officers, Deputy Controller and Assistant Controllers and Senior Academics holding analogous post.

IT Applications in Management of University Administration : The Workshop aims at sensitizing administrators about the recent developments in information technology and make them use of ICT for improving the quality and efficiency of university management and decision-making.

Examination Reforms : Pattern of examination and its efficacy determines the diagnostic and terminal behaviour of the students. Owing to the fact that a radical transformation has taken place in Higher Education, emphasis is being attached on reforming the examination system. The Research Division of AIU organizes workshops and seminar for training the faculty members and university officers such as Controller of Examination, Deputy Controller of Examination or other functionaries on advance system of examination.

Seminar : The Division organizes ‘National Seminars on Women Studies’ as its regular activities. The main objective of organizing such seminar is to bring Academic and Research directly linked to Centers for Women’s Studies and other Departments in Universities to a common forum to discuss and deliberate on the issues such as awareness of women right, women self reliant, economic empowerment of women, reducing the gender discrimination and participation of women in the process of national development. Besides, the Division also organizes Seminar on various issues of emerging concern in higher education as and when the need arises.

ANVESHAN: Student Research Convention
Student Research Convention (SRC) is a pioneering initiative of the Research Division. The Conventions are organized for identifying the young talents with aptitude of research and nurturing these talents by giving them adequate academic and other support. Students Research Convention has been conducted at four Zonal and one National level since 2008. With the substantial increase in number of universities and other higher education institutions one more zone has been added for organizing the Conventions, making it five Zonal and one National Convention. This flagship programme has motivated the young researchers to take up research as career option and it has also provided impetus to the institutions of higher learning to have renewed commitment for research. The Research Conventions have been applauded across the country for providing an innovative platform to students to showcase their talents. The Conventions are conducted at three stages. At the first stage universities invite research projects from their bonafide, full time UG, PG and Research students and select the winners through a panel of judges after having a poster and oral presentations. The winners of each university of a zone get entry for the zonal level competitions. Similarly, the winners of zonal level competition compete at the National Level Student Research Convention. The winners of National Level Convention get cash prizes, medals and trophies. The Research Projects are invited in the five areas: i. Agriculture, ii. Basic Sciences, iii. Engineering & Technology, iv. Health Sciences & Allied Disciplines, v. Social Sciences, Humanities, Commerce & Law

Round Table Conferences of Vice Chancellor/Academics : The Division also organizes Round Table Conferences of Vice Chancellors on emerging issues in higher education. The main objective of organizing such programmes is to bring the Vice Chancellors and Senior Academics and policymakers in a common platform to discus and deliberate on the problems and issues in various areas of higher education. This paves the way for preparing a broader framework on the issues of national importance. Apart from these, the Division also organizes Roundtables of Vice-Chancellors on the issues of emerging concern and crucial importance for improving the quality and standard of higher education in the country. In these roundtables brainstorming sessions are conducted to obtain the view of the leaders of academia to find answer to the problems the higher education systems confronts.

Publications : The Division brings out publication on various themes from time to time. The Publication of the Division includes; Research Reports, Monographs, Annotated Bibliographies, Selection from the University News, Convocation Addresses in a series-Academics and Beyond, Occasional Papers, Reports of the Workshop /Training Programmes/Seminar/ Roundtable Conferences.

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